Webinar: Top voice AI in HR

2024 trends: AI in HR and the growing focus on Employee Experience

In the last few years, Employee Experience (EX) has increased influence on organizations. And just this past year, AI gained traction and started to change how work is done. How can organizations leverage these changes?

In this webinar, we will sit down with Anna Carlsson, HR Tech Analyst, and discuss the applications of AI in HR, specifically when it comes to EX. We will cover questions such as:

  • AI exploded last year. What has been implemented and brought value to HR?
  • What should we expect to see regarding AI in HR this year?
  • What is EX, and why are organizations increasing their focus in this area?
  • How is HR working with EX today?
  • In what ways can AI support EX?
  • What is the untapped potential of AI in HR and EX?



portrait_white frame-anna carlsson

Anna Carlsson
HR Tech Analyst, HR Digi

With her podcast HR Digitaliseringspodden and in her role as an HR Tech analyst, Anna scouts the field of HR innovation with a focus on tech and data. Anna is a valued educator, advisor, and inspirer on the future of HR and the opportunities of digitalisation. Her view is that digitalisation frees up time so that we can focus on our core mission - our people.

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"Where we see a higher engagement today, more people respond to the survey, and the measurement results increase. It is due to a collaboration that is not just the manager’s responsibility but the result of an active workforce.”

Anders Westerholm
HR Director at Ambea

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