Product webinar Learn the Populum platform

Boost your employee survey with AI tools

Whether you want to lower the risk of managers burning out, find a solution to quiet quitting, or increase employee engagement, the Populum platform helps you succeed.

In our product webinar, you’ll learn about:

  • How the Populum platform and method work to bring about the change and improvements you want to see in your teams.
  • The functionalities that give you a deep understanding of your employee experience.
  • The most relevant AI-driven people insights and recommendations that your entire organization can turn into action.


Group 335

Next product webinar

Date: March 6th

Time: 12:30 - 13:00 am (30 min) CET

Speaker: Johanna Berger, Customer Success Manager at Populum

Place: Digital (link is sent after registration)

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Now we have instant feedback to the employees where they can see their individual responses and the aggregated group response. With this, changes are taking place in how we work better together. With everyone being able to see the response analysis immediately when a measurement closes, the feedback has started and the dialogue is underway."

- Henrik Månsson, Head of HR Strategy at  SJ.


Empower your people to perform

Performance goes hand-in-hand with well-being and engagement. With the Populum platform, you know your employees’ current status and involve the entire organization in continuous improvements. Take effective action on what is most important to increase your people’s well-being and engagement.

Unleash the strength of your culture

Enable your people to reach their full potential by ensuring your culture empowers them to perform. Using the Populum platform, you can measure your culture regularly at a high-level or in-depth and gain important insights and recommended effective actions.

Succeed with transformation initiatives

Still today, most transformation efforts fail. A critical part of succeeding is ensuring people take ownership and live the change. With Populum, you measure how your people experience your transformation initiative and know what works well, how to re-direct focus, and where to add support.